"This Person is Not My Dad" of The Week

This Person is Not My Dad

"Hey Dad, What are You Doing?"

"What I love."

Something Charitable My Dad Did Recently

My Dad, John Mayer, straight-up got things done when he gave $15,000 to a Stamford HIV/AIDS foundation run by Family Centers in late September. It’s not really a big deal - He’s practically the nicest Man you’d ever meet and you would almost expect that He donates money all over the place all the time. Which, of course, He does. He (John Mayer, aka: “Dad”) does this out of kindness.

Below is a picture of My Dad (John Mayer) donating money to charity.

"This Person is Not My Dad" of The Week

This Person is Not My Dad

Oh. Hi Dad.

Oh. Hi Dad.

Just Something That Happened One Day

"Oh, hey, Dad. What are you up to?"

(exasperated sigh) “Nothing, son. Just thinking.”

"I’ll get my camera."

This is a picture of My Dad thinking from Rolling Stone Magazine (a magazine Dad likes to read only sometimes). It’s similar to the pictures I took of My Dad thinking.

Does this picture prove that John Mayer has wisdom?



Anonymous asked: I recently stumbled upon an interesting quote by Marcus Aurelius: "What is more agreeable than wisdom itself?", but at the time I was listening to your Dad's (John Mayer's) song, the best song of all time, Waiting On the World to Change, and heard this: "When you trust your television, what you get is what you got." What do you think is more agreeable, wisdom or trusting your television?

agreeable [əˈgrɪəbəl]adj

1. pleasing; pleasant
It is unlikely that trusting a television is agreeable, and I would like to point out the rest of the lyric that is so wantonly absent in your question.
"When you trust your television,
What you get is what you got.
Cause when they own the information, oh
they can bend it all they want.”
So, with the right amount of information, John Mayer, My Dad (singer/songwriter/musician/performer/entrepreneur, etc.) , shows that trusting the television is a bad idea and in no way agreeable.
Furthermore, this does not suggest that My Dad is less reliable than Marcus Aurelius in thought and quotes. I believe, after all, it was Marcus Aurelius who said,
"If man can ever find a way to combine his personal beauty with his own creation, he will never be unhappy and will please all around him."
If John Mayer (My Dad) doesn’t personify the combination of personal beauty and His own creation, I don’t know who does.
Wisdom is more agreeable than trusting your television, and My Dad straight-up has wisdom. I’ll post a picture of My Dad’s wisdom later. Good question.

A Few Things to Know About My Dad

My Dad is hilarious, as you can see in the above picture.

My Dad’s interest in playing guitar came from Marty McFly.

That’s Marty McFly. He had a time machine, and while it’s unlikely that he used it to copy John Mayer (My Dad), their styles are remarkably similar and speculation is fairly reasonable.

My Dad signs onto AIM almost every lunch when He’s at home on the desktop.

My Dad, John Mayer, is used to being in the spotlight and handles His fame very well.

My Dad does not drive NASCAR, nor does He really watch it, but He respects what those drivers do.

My Dad hangs out with B and C-List celebrities so that they think they’re more popular than they really are. However, He “thoroughly enjoys their company”, as you can see from this picture of Him and some other guys standing and then walking.

"This Person is Not My Dad" of The Week

This Person is Not My Dad